Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Launch FSDU

Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Temporary Display


REVLON is the #1 Lip Brand in Australia and with the launch of their new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, REVLON was looking to further strengthen their #1 position, whilst also driving value growth for the Australian lip category.
The task was set to design and deliver an impactful merchandising solution to display a new lip innovation off-location, for the 12 week launch period.
An arresting and visually engaging solution was conceived and resolved using a challenging combination of materials and components. The new product shape is glorified and creates a beacon in-store from 5 meters, or from across the store. As the shopper moves closer to the display, layers of communication educate and lead the shopper to test and try the new product.

The launch significantly exceeded all objectives and KPIs. It was the #1 Colour Cosmetics Launch in Australia & New Zealand and held the Top 5 Lip SKUs in the Lip category in month of launch. Sales volumes were more than double forecast and created a halo effect increasing the market position of the HD range and REVLON’s entire Lip category.