Revlon – Department store Superlustrous Spinner

Award Winning – Revlon Superlustrous Spinner

On the 25th March 2021 at the Shop! Awards, the Revlon Superlustrous Spinner won 7 Shop! Trophies.

  • Tom Harris – Retail Marketing Best in Show Award
  • Pinnacle – Best Shopper Experience Award
  • Pinnacle – Best Design & Innovation
  • Gold – Large or Department Store
  • Gold – Health & Beauty – Permanent
  • Gold –  Digital Instore, Social & Online
  • Bronze – Covid Safe Retail Continuity Product


The award-winning Revlon Super Lustrous Department store Spinner, is one of the most unique retail propositions in 2020. It is a combination of traditional retail display design with integrated AR technology that is a first in the Australian and New Zealand department store market.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Department store Spinner, provided an 40% sales uplift, and gives Revlon an high tech engagement platform to convert. We developed the “Virtual Mirror” app as an additional tool, that improved the shoppability of the Super Lustrous range. Customers can identify their best shade of 54 on their face, without the traditional messy product testing and be COVID hygienic.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Spinner is easily visible across store, with its iconic 7 lips acrylic platforms and bold colours. The 7 lip platforms allow easy shade navigation from Reds to Nudes and are easily updatable for new shades, other lipstick products and new campaigns.

It was important that updating the display was a simple and cost-effective process, which is why we used interchangeable graphic prints and magnet acrylic panels. The LED backlighting of the 7 lips platform enhanced the Super Lustrous lipstick and created a premium aesthetic.

The bold colours are a highlight of the Super Lustrous Spinner, and yes, the display does spin. It was important that customers could use the “Virtual Mirror” app, on one side, but could spin the Super Lustrous lipstick to themselves. It is a playful interactive tool that enhanced the display functionality.

The Revlon Myer Super Lustrous Spinner was designed to be a simple drop in installation across MYER Australia and Farmers New Zealand. It has an updateable Ipad application with an integrated WIFI/Router system and content management software. The content can be managed and changed anywhere in the world.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Department store Spinner, is a new generation of retail display that meets traditional and future customer needs and delivers Revlon the high-tech platform they have always wanted.