Energizer Mod Bin Temporary Display

Hook merchandising presents product in an easier to navigate and inviting way. Energizer has traditionally sold batteries for short duration promotions in bin or bucket format displays. As stock is shopped throughout the promotion it becomes recessive, cluttered and jumbled.¬†Battery sales are driven by seasonal requirements and impulse/discount driven promotions. Energizer is a premium brand in this category and needs to stand above the competition even in temporary these display situations. Retail activations using the NEW Modular bin began in 2018 and continue through to today. The “Mod-Bin” is unique in its customised design to suit perfectly and fully the range of Energizer, Eveready and specialty batteries. It holds a maximum stock weight on a minimal retail footprint. Sweeping graphic opportunities along the full length of the display have helped Energizer to launch their refreshed brand image with an invigorated Mr Energizer complete with radiating energy field on white background.

The Mod-Bin has been an outstanding success. Designed from the ground up to provide a single building block display for a variety of retail activations has been the key to its success.
In particular the display has resulted in:

  • increased retailer compliance
  • faster merchandiser assembly times