Energizer XMAS 2020 Display

On the 25th March 2021 at the Shop! Awards, the Energizer Xmas Display won a Bronze Shop! Trophy in the Grocery Non Food category.

Energizer wanted to celebrate Christmas, by expanding their instore presence, ensuring everyone weren’t short of batteries. We designed a 4-way display using a pre-existing Mod-Bin and created an eye-catching Christmas kit.

The structure of the Mod-Bins was reinforced by the Christmas kit creating a robust 4-way display that could handle the seasonal rush and bustle. The 4 Christmas corner tree’s communicated Christmas festivities and we designed the Christmas corner Tree’s and header to utilize all the available space efficiently and effectively. The Christmas display 3D tree forms was festive, exciting, and engaging. As per our Mod-Bins it was easy to shop and identify which product you needed.

The large graphical areas allowed Energizer to promote Energizerholidays.com and their collaboration with Hotels.com. This was an important element of the Christmas display success.

The Energizer Xmas 2020 display delivered significant uplift in sales over Christmas 2019. This was one of Energizers most successful Xmas 2020 activations. It is noted there was no issues with assembly and the Xmas 2020 display was effective in driving traffic to Energizerholidays.com and Hotels.com. Both sites noted significant unique visitors and competitor entrants and were above their original projections that delivered a significant return on investment.