BCF Sunglass Display

Sunglass Display

BCF stores were cluttered with many kinds of sunglasses displays supplied by individual brands. They were different heights and sizes. The client brief required a permanent contemporary display fixture to bring together all sunglasses offered into a single destination. In a crowded section of the store customers were confronted with an often disorganized array of mismatched displays supplied to various specifications by independent brands. The marketing team at BCF recommended a brief be put forward for the design of a new category solution display.

The resulting display creates a brightly lit well defined shopper destination within the BCF store. However, beyond this following a limited number of trial stores the resulting increase in category sales could not be ignored. Following the trial this category solution display was rolled out to over 100 existing stores and every new store coming online as the business grows. The ease of logistics and installation of the units, together with the flexibility of layout and instore maneuverability have all contributed to the success of the display fixture.