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The year has started off with a bang for POP this POP that. Alongside the epic tradeshow that is GlobalShop, POP this POP that was announced as the winner of a Global POPAI award.

Against entries from around the world POP this POP that stood out from the crowd again with the ColorBurst Lip Butter Lipstick Launch FloorStand taking the gong in the category of ‘Beauty, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare’. The campaign stands out as a significant sales and marketing sucess for REVLON, helped along in no small part by the innovative design and execution of this multiple award winning display.

The 2013 POPAI Global Marketing at Retail Awards contest provides a global platform to showcase the design and manufacturing talents of both producers and suppliers across the world and recognises excellence within the industry. The global awards programme was conducted on-line and was judged by representatives from leading brands, retailers and producers across the world.

To qualify for entry into the 2013 Global Marketing at Retail Awards Contest entrants were required to have won Gold or Major Industry Awards from the 2012 Awards Contest run by POPAI Chapters in Australia & New Zealand, France, DACH, Hungary, Italy, North America, South Africa and the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The Entry: Colorburst Lip Butter Lipstick Launch Floorstand

” The FSDU, the subject of this entry, far exceeded our expectations. The design was extremely engaging. The Lip Butter factice that occupied the lower quadrant was impactful and provided consumers with a visual indication of product format, consequently decreasing purchase risk. The product display on the unit was arresting, providing strong colour impact and demonstrating the breadth of the range.” – REVLON Creative Services





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