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The package for any product performs at least 2 critical functions when delivering your product to the market.
  1. To safely, competently and efficiently convey your manufactured goods from the factory to the end consumer through the various retail channels.
  2. To communicate with your customer about your product brand and image to help drive further sales and brand awareness
There are many ways to go about achieving this however and the following considerations should be made when revising or devising your current packaging needs.
  • communication of brand messages
  • safe and efficient transport to store
  • environmental efficiency
  • cost appropriateness
  • retailer acceptance
And of course, it’s all about being good looking.
  • look towards innovative design and new benchmarks
  • look at your existing packaging and find improvements
  • look towards new materials and manufacturing techniques
  • look at your competitor’s packaging and pick out ideas that work well
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