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In 2017, shoppers are always distracted & in a hurry. At POP this POP that, we are looking to get to the point in your design & connect with the shopper immediately.

As reported by POPAI, we now have only 0.9 seconds to convince the shopper to engage with your display. Therefore, it is essential that your shopper is captivated by our design instantly. According to Colorcom, 90% of all purchasing decisions are based on visual representation alone. With that said, let’s take a look at our expert tips to increase the influence of point of sale displays.

point of sale display paint

1. Make It POP!

We love to reinforce the brand using big, bold colours. Brand recognition is increased by colour by 80% & furthermore, 85% of shoppers indicate colour as their primary reason for purchase. At your point of sale display, colour is an effective tool that when used correctly is hard to ignore & as a result, grabs the shopper’s eye immediately.

2. Get The Message

Due to the volume of promotional displays in-store, shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of messaging that is marketed towards them. Displays that educated the shopper with new product information, highlighted the features of the product or advertised savings reached over double the impact of displays with simply the product price.

point of sale display speaker

point of sale display touch

3. Be Interactive

Nothing sells your product like the product itself, so get it into the shopper’s hands! Draw your customer in with units that invite the shopper to interact with the product and see for themselves. Digital integration via a hotspot for a display screen or tablet are also an effective tool to educate your shopper in a familiar & hands on way.

4. Keep It Fresh

With seasonal promotions, new product launches & rebranding, it’s crucial for us that the unit is updateable. Martin Kingdon from POPAI revealed in a recent study that “…if the same approach is applied too often, you no longer achieve impact. It highlights the importance of being able to change graphics or re-dress displays to keep them fresh.”

point of sale display arrows

Discover What’s Possible

Welcome your shopper to a breakthrough retail experience with POP this POP that.


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